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Informational One Pagers

informational one pagers

Advocacy goes far beyond speaking to lawmakers at the Statehouse. Become an advocate in your community by downloading, printing, and distributing informational one page documents about topic areas vital to a more successful Indiana.

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Who’s paying for payday loans?

Payday lenders thrive by targeting low-income borrowers that cannot pay back the loans and end up trapped in a cycle of high-cost debt. These loans are sold as a solution to a financial shortfall, but the average borrower takes out 10 loans in a year and is in debt for five months. In fact, 82 percent of borrowers borrow another loan within 30 days of paying off the first.


running the numbers
financial literacy in indiana

Money management skills are arguably more important today than ever. With a growing array of financial products available and increasing individual responsibility to plan for and navigate retirement, adults need financial capability to achieve financial well-being and a secure retirement. How are they doing?
While Indiana requires high school economics, personal finance education is neither required nor tested, which begs the question: Do Hoosiers pass the test?


coming into focus
retirement savings in indiana

Many hard working Hoosiers look forward to retirement and envision trading their brief cases for plane tickets and trips to visit their grandchildren. However, a growing number of workers across the state have little-to-no access to retirement savings plans or plan to rely solely upon Social Security, leaving the future of aging Hoosiers' financial futures unclear and insecure.