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The 2016 Indiana Your Money, Your Goals Cohort Concludes for the Year

Replicating the I’ve Been Everywhere singer Johnny Cash, the 2016 Indiana Cohort for Your Money, Your Goals represented by the Indiana Assets & Opportunity Network and Indiana Legal Services, Inc. has concluded its statewide Your Money, Your Goals road show. Training sites included Crown Point, Fort Wayne, Evansville, Huntingburg, and six trainings in Indianapolis. In total, the Cohort trained 177 individuals who will have the opportunity to bring back new knowledge on the Your Money, Your Goals financial empowerment toolkit to their 71 unique organizations. These organizations themselves can be found throughout the state and is represented by the image below. By clicking the image, you can interact with the map and find the contact information of our trainees and their respective organizations.

Your Money, Your Goals is a financial empowerment toolkit developed by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and contains extensive resources which provide frontline staff impartial information about the financial marketplace and tools to help their clients make informed financial decisions.  In particular, our trainings equipped legal service and social service staff with resources to help clients and consumers build financial capability and increasing their confidence in managing money, credit, and debt. Notably, the Cohort’s trainings brought together professionals from the legal, social services, and banking fields as both presenters and trainees, which will increase collaboration across sectors.

The Cohort's trainings would not have been possible if not for the generous sponsorship from the JP Morgan Chase Foundation. 

To view the Your Money, Your Goals toolkit for social services programs, please click here.

To view the Your Money, Your Goals toolkit for legal services programs, please click here.

Kathleen Taylor