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Extension Educators Help Hoosiers Learn to Manage their Resources

This blog was prepared by our partners at Purdue University Cooperative Extension.

As part of the nationwide education and outreach Cooperative Extension network, Purdue Extension Educators focus on improving the lives of Indiana residents by providing education that will help them learn to manage their family's resources. More than 20 Health and Human Science Educators who specialize in Family Resource Management (FRM) have offices located throughout the state of Indiana. 

Adult programming targets Indiana residents who are in need of education in personal financial management areas including budgeting, expense tracking, savings, and credit score improvement. Educators teach programs including Where Does Your Money Go? (also offered on-line), a one or two session workshop where participants pinpoint spending 'leaks,' prioritize consumption, and develop a sustainable spending plan. At elementary schools and after-school programs an interactive financial literacy program is offered, geared towards third graders called Captain Cash where the basics of earning, saving, spending, and borrowing are taught. 

Each fall before health insurance open enrollment begins Extension FRM Educators offer Smart Choice Health Insurance. This program helps families become better consumers of health insurance products offered at work, by private vendors, or through the national marketplace. Planning for a Secure Retirement is a web-based, multi-module course for those wanting to get on track to enjoy life after work.  Additionally, Educators work with campus professors and specialists to develop curriculum and programs based on local needs.

Purdue FRM Extension Educators are coalition members, advisory board facilitators, and task force participants in the area of increasing financial capability of our fellow Hoosiers. To connect with a Purdue Family Resource Management Educator in your area, please visit us at

Kathleen Taylor