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The Indiana Assets & Opportunity Network's Expert Directory is now Live

The Indiana Assets & Opportunity Network is pleased to announce that the Expert Directory is now live! All data and profiles came directly from a survey sent to Network partners in early December asking for their levels of expertise in various subject matters and fields. There are 35 different areas of expertise, including savings accounts, financial services and products, public benefit programs, VITA service delivery, public policy, housing, education, marketing and communications, and research and data collection. To view the Expert Directory, please follow the link below:

For the purpose of the Network’s Expert Directory, an expert is an individual who has extensive experience working on a policy or program and who would be comfortable giving advice to peers or policy makers on the issue. Further, Network partners, policy makers, peers, and reporters are encouraged to contact individuals listed in the Expert Directory when seeking more information about their respective topics of expertise.

If you are not listed in the Expert Directory but believe yourself to be an expert in one of the subject areas, please contact Kelan Fong at or click this link to receive a survey. If you are listed in the Expert Directory and would like to include a professional headshot, your organization’s logo, edit your profile, or have any questions; you are invited to contact Kelan as well.

Kathleen Taylor