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Vice President Pence in Indiana to Advocate for the Administration's Tax Plan

Today is the day.

Vice President Mike Pence is in his home state of Indiana right now. Mr. Pence plans to advocate for aggressive tax reform and put pressure on Democratic Sen. Joe Donnelly to support the administration’s tax plan.

The Trump Administration’s proposed tax plan would shortchange working families in Indiana. Andrew Bradley, Senior Policy Analyst, Indiana Institute for Working Families, writes that “added together, the three low- and middle-earning quintiles (making up 60% of Indiana’s population) would only get 11.7% percent of the planned cuts, while the top 1% alone would take home 46.1% of the state’s share of the cuts.”

The Administration sees an opportunity to pressure Donnelly, as well as other Democrats in close 2018 races, to concede on tax reform. 

As Bernie Horn, Senior Director for Policy and Communications, Public Leadership Institute, argues, “reform” doesn’t accurately describe the Administration’s proposed tax plan. “The word ‘reform’ is a value that telegraphs that it refers to something positive. ‘Reform’ means to make changes in something – typically a social, political, or economic institution or practice – in order to improve it,” Horn writes. Instead, we must debate the tax plan in consideration of “fairness.”

Call Senator Donnelly here and Senator Young here to urge them to advocate for the needs of Indiana’s working families. Below (taken from is a sample of what you could tell the Senators' representatives:

Our tax system is unfair. Working families are under more and more stress while rich people and large corporations pocket massive tax giveaways, and that’s wrong. The Trump tax legislation makes the system worse by giving away trillions of dollars to the rich. Instead, we need to create a system where everyone pays their fair share—a system that works for all of us, not just the wealthy few.

Thanks for all you do to advocate for #TaxFairness!

Kathleen Taylor