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Community Loan Centers: Informational Webinar with Matt Hull

As a valued member of the Indiana Assets and Opportunity Network, you understand just how life-changing access to an affordable loan can be to the clients you serve. However, traditional payday loans can have predatory interest rates attached to them, heaping a heavy burden upon a borrower who is already facing difficult circumstances.

Community Loan Centers (CLC) exist to provide an alternative, fairly-priced loan program to low-income families. On Wednesday, August 29, the Network hosted a free webinar featuring special guest Matt Hull, executive director of the Texas Association of Community Development Corporations, examining how CLCs are helping families in 16 markets across seven states. Topics covered include:

  • What is payday lending and why are alternatives needed?
  • What is a Community Loan Center and how does it operate?
  • How can you bring a Community Loan Center to your community?

Click HERE to access the webinar.

To learn more about becoming a CLC partner or how you can be informed of upcoming Network webinars and events, contact Logan Charlesworth, Network Manager.

Logan Charlesworth