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Navigating the Community Reinvestment Act

Join the Indiana Assets & Opportunity Network for a webinar featuring A&O Steering Committee Member Jake Brown, Assistant Vice President and Manager, CRA at First Merchants Bank, for a discussion on getting the most out of the community reinvestment act (CRA), the changes being discussed at the federal level, and more.

Click here to access the webinar.

About the Presenter:

Jake supports the development of a comprehensive community development strategy for all assessment areas, including but not limited to: home ownership/improvement initiatives, single-family and multi-family affordable housing, and small business/small farm.  This includes establishing, participating and maintaining effective relationships with community development based, charitable, and non-profit partners, developing community development services and  remaining abreast of developments in CRA, including industry trends, best practices and emerging knowledge. Jake also develops and maintains a comprehensive performance context to identify community development needs, opportunities, and provide subject matter expertise on community development issues.

Kathleen Taylor