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June. It's the time of year when we break out our neon flip flops, inflate the beach balls that have been slowly deflating in the solitary confines of our storage closets, and get sunburns we hope and pray will turn into a decent tan (friendly reminder: wear sunscreen!). However, for many Hoosiers, it's also a month to celebrate and embrace their identity.

Earlier this month, thousands of Hoosiers celebrated Pride by parading through the streets of Indianapolis with rainbow flags and apparel, expressing love for their brethren who identify as LGBTQ+. The display of support for the LGBTQ+ community was inspiring and heartwarming for me. However, many groups at the festivities brought attention to the difficulties facing the LGBTQ+ community, including high suicide ratesincreased housing instability, and violence

It's important to bring the financial and asset development difficulties facing the community as well.

For members of the LGBTQ+ community, 60 percent say they have less than three months of emergency savings. Furthermore, according to a 2018 TD Ameritrade survey, only 29 percent of LGBTQ+ millennials felt financially secure, with a different poll citing one-in-four queer individuals reporting their identity has impacted their finances.

While we work together to advance the opportunities available to Hoosiers across the state, we must remember to include everyone. I hope you'll join me and the Network as we move together with everyone - regardless of race, religion, age, sexual orientation - in mind.

Kathleen Taylor