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Indiana Assets & Opportunity Survey Results

Mark the top three FINANCIAL STABILITY SERVICES that should be continued or expanded to help Hoosiers become financially stable.  

Financial Stability Services

Financial education, counseling or coaching:  69.1% Education/training and employment programs: 62.2% Credit repair and debt management: 52.2% Matched savings (IDAs, EDAs): 24.5% Access to financial products: 23.2% Help applying for public benefits (SNAP, WIC, TANF Ect.): 19.4% Free tax preparation: 17.6% Homeownership resources: 13.8% Microenterprise resources: 8.1 % Other: 6.9%

 Mark the top three BUSINESS PRACTICES that should be changed or expanded to help Hoosiers become financially stable.

Business Practices

Employer-sponsored health insurance: 47.7 % On-site child care: 46.4% Work-based training: 40.7% Job or scheduling flexibility: 37.5% Sick/family/medical leave: 36.3% Tuition reimbursement: 22.9% Employer contribution to retirement plan: 22.9% Removal of the question about criminal offenses from job applications: 18.4% Honoring scheduled work hours (i.e. not scheduled and sent home when slow): 17.8% Other: 7%

Mark the top three GOVERNMENT POLICIES that should be changed or expanded to help Hoosiers become financially stable.

Government Policy

Limit maximum interest rates and fees on loans (predatory lending): 52.2% Raise the minimum wage: 49.6% Smooth out the benefit cliff as low-wage workers earn more: 47.7% Increase access to expungement for nonviolent offenders: 40.2 % Reduce abusive debt collection and loan repayment practices: 30.8% Preserve/expand tax benefits for low-wage worker (EITC, CTC, TCE): 29.5% Improve access to child support modifications: 13.2% Eliminate asset limits for eligibility programs: 12.5% Other: 5% Clarify/improve rules for bankruptcy: 3.7%