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Policy Update: We Need Your Help to Stop SB 613

Now that Senate Bill 104 has been defeated on the senate floor, we have turned all of our attention to Senate Bill 613, which passed through the Senate and is now in the House. If passed, the bill would open the door even wider to payday and subprime lenders to offer new larger and longer-term loans at exceedingly high interest rates.

We cannot stop this bill without your help. 

Here's how you can make a difference in the lives of vulnerable Hoosier consumers and keep predatory lenders out of our state:

  1. Contact your representatives: A two-minute call can make all the difference. Call your representatives and express your STRONG OPPOSITION to SB 613.
    House Republicans: 800-382-9841
    House Democrats: 800-382-9842
    Not sure who your representative is? Click this linkto find out. 

  2. Watch your email: We will be sending more a pre-drafted letter via an action alert email in the next two days to allow you to easily reach out to your representatives in the House about your opposition to this legislation. Please keep an eye on your email in order to help stop predatory lenders.

  3. Sign your name and organization (if applicable) to our letter: Tell legislators that Hoosiers do NOT want these products in our state. Click here to access our sign-on letter and join the people and organizations that have taken a public stand against SB 613 and predatory lenders. 

  4. Spread the word: There is power in numbers. If every person receiving this message passes this on to one friend, family member, or colleague, the House won't be able to ignore the number of Hoosiers opposing this dangerous bill. 

We aren't giving up on Hoosiers consumers and we hope you won't either!

Thank you for your advocacy!

Kathleen Taylor