Indiana Assets & Opportunity Network
Increasing Asset Acquisition for Low-Wealth Hoosiers

Who We Are


Economic security is linked to both assets and income. Although reports about the U.S. economy are relatively positive, millions of individuals cannot meet their basic needs such as housing, child care, food, transportation, and health care, learning to stretch the dollar thin with limited mental bandwidth to focus on overall personal health and happiness. The Indiana Assets & Opportunity Network was formed to help support programs and policies that speak to these issues. The Network is focused on building cross-sector partnerships to identify programs that already work throughout the state. It is clear there is plenty of work to do, together, as we develop and expand the coalition.


Increase asset acquisition for low-wealth Hoosiers and to strengthen local economies through policy advocacy and capacity building in partnership with local organizations and coalitions.


All Hoosiers are financially secure and can pursue economic opportunity.

About the Indiana Assets & Opportunity Network

The Network creates learning opportunities for community leaders, advocates on policies that affect low-to-moderate income families, and builds capacity for organizations aimed to increase financial stability. It is co-led by Prosperity Indiana which is a member organization skilled at building vibrant communities and resilient families; and the Indiana Institute for Working Families (IIWF) which is a program of the Indiana Community Action Association, skilled in research, policy analysis, and advocacy.

The Network is directed by a diverse steering committee to help establish program and policy focus. They meet bi-monthly to help identify funding sources, opportunities, and coalition partners.

When did the Assets & Opportunity Network begin?

The Assets & Opportunity Network is a national movement created by the Prosperity Now in 2010. The A&O Network is comprised of community members, advocates, and policy makers throughout the nation to raise awareness of asset-building issues and improve programs and policies that help low- and moderate-income families build financial security.